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Flea life cycle and how to avoid it

What is the life cycle of the flea?

* First stage is the flea eggs.

you can see them with your naked eye. They lay the eggs after taking a blood meal, then the eggs will be on the dog’s skin.

Eggs take 14 to 28 days to hatch depending on the environment. Also high humidity and temperature favor rapid hatching.

* Second stage is flea larvae.

They have a whitish body and black head. They don’t like the light that is why they move deep into the carpets or under the furniture. because they prefer dark and warm areas.

* Third stage The flea pupae.

The pupae produce a protective silk-like cocoon that is sticky. It quickly becomes coated with grime and debris, which acts as a useful camouflage. With warmth and humidity, pupae become adult fleas in 5-10 days.

* Fourth stage the adult flea.

The adults do not emerge from the cocoon unless stimulated by physical pressure, vibrations, carbon dioxide or heat.

And this is essential since once the fleas emerge from the cocoon they can only exist for a few days unless they are able to feed. Pre-emergent adult fleas can survive within the cocoon for up to 9 months. So during this time they are resistant to insecticides applied to the environment.

So always remember that adult fleas may emerge from their pupae into the environment in a considerable amount of time after you apply insecticides in your home.

Once it emerges, then the adult flea unlike the larvae, they become attracted to light and make their way to the surface in order to encounter a passing host to feed upon.

Then two days after the first blood meal, adult female fleas begin egg production.

In normal circumstances the adult female will live up to three weeks, laying approximately 40 eggs per day. The entire life cycle, from egg to adult flea can be completed in as little as 14-28 days depending on environmental conditions.

How to prevent flea on my dog?

Shampoos, sprays, powders and topical preparations are all available. There are also very effective products designed for monthly administration that are available through your veterinary clinic; some of these products are conveniently combined with medications to prevent heartworm and intestinal worms.

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