Senior Dog Care

Senior Dog Care

Senior Dog Care

Senior Dog Care tips: The number of years it takes for your dog to be considered “senior” may vary, and one must keep in mind that organ system, species, and breed of dog has an effect; in general a dog’s senior years begin between 6 and 13 years of age.

At Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital Senior Dog Care, We can do a lot of things to introduce healthy lifestyle habits to your dog.

As pets grow older, their routine, lifestyle, and nutritional requirement change and one of the most common signs that comes with aging is a pet’s loss of appetite. Despite this, pet owners must continue to ensure that their pets meet their nutritional requirements every day otherwise these pets are at risk of developing serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes, liver disease, and heart disease.

Make sure your dog eats appropriately

Many senior dogs struggle with dental issues and may need to switch to different foods.

Another common issue associated with canine aging is problems with digestion.

Foods designed specifically for senior dogs often include ingredients that are easier to digest and may even include supplements that help alleviate symptoms associated with aging.

Keep your dog moving and comfortable

The habit of regular exercise will help maintain your dog’s weight and general health.

Be reasonable in your expectations for intensity and duration of activity and consult your veterinarian. However, ONLY use products that are recommended by your veterinarian, and only as prescribed. Some medications are very dangerous when combined.

Groom regularly
Older dogs may have special grooming needs, particularly long haired dogs. Regular grooming is an excellent habit to get into. More idle time lying about and less activity can predispose seniors to more matting of hair and longer, unruly nails.

Maintain good oral health
Increased attention to dental/oral care is even more important as your dog ages.

Your veterinarian can advise you not only about any indication for dental cleanings in the clinic, but can also point out possible problem areas and instruct you regarding appropriate at home cleaning and care. Make a habit of good, routine oral hygiene.

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