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Spring and my pet

It is cold now, but in two weeks butterflies will be flying around us in California for the Spring.
In the Spring pets like outdoor activities and playing with neighbor’s pets, the outdoor activities are always good for your pet’s health and wellbeing but you will have to pay attention to their health and their skin.
In Spring cats play with each other and might get some scratches and infections which leads to cat abscess and dogs likes to eat new grass and insects.
Here are some tips for pet owners to help them take care of their pet health in the season.

  1. Make sure to keep an eye on your pet’s skin and look for any new scratches or wounds if you see one or suspect a fever apply first aid on the wound until you bring your pet to Nohl Ranch Animal hospital to take care of it for you.
  2. Vomiting or Diarrhea would be a sign that your pet ate a foreign body or something that shouldn’t be eaten, this could be life-threatening for your pet, and in some cases, it needs hospitalization so your pet can receive some fluids if this is the case call us to book your vet visit.
  3. Fever is a sign of illness as well your pet will be sleeping most of the time and won’t be active and will not react to anything they normally react to like a toy or a treat if your pet shows these signs for more than 2 days Contact Us immediately.
  • Closely monitor your pet’s health.
  • Go to your vet immediately if you see any of the above signs.
  • Make sure your dog is offered water.
  • Always keep your pet clean.


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