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Pets Skin and Fur

One of the important parts of maintaining a healthy pet is taking care of their skin and Fur by keeping them healthy. Your Pet’s skin and fur reflects the overall health. Just like our own skin and hair.
The big mistake pet’s owner does when they deal with pet’s skin problem is waiting too long to go to the veterinarian. If your pet biting or liking at their skin, scratching and loosing fur, has open sores, pimples, or is shaking his head a lot, it’s a sign that your pet’s skin and coat are not healthy.
Below quick tips on how to protect your pet’s skin:

  • Brushing or combing is very important for your pet There are many different types of brushing as there is different type of coats. One with widely spaced teeth for the outer coat and other one for brushing the face.
  • We recommend you brush your pet’s hair twice a week.
  • Over bathing might case a dry skin which is not good for your pet. Even though your pet likes the outdoors and plays in dirt and mud, one bath every month is good.
  • Your pet’s skin is very sensitive, so using people’s shampoo (regular shampoo) might case irritation to your pet. That is why we recommend using a special cleaning skincare products or baby’s shampoo works fine too.
  • Getting a healthy fur and skin for your pet comes from inside, which starts from feeding it proteins and vitamins needed.
  • Keep your pet free of fleas and ticks by giving them Flea baths and applying Flea control treatments.


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