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Do pets feel pain?

Absolutely they do feel pain, we know that animals certainly feel physical pain, but what is less clear is whether this emotional suffering that we feel can be said to be true of animals. And if it is, how we go about measuring it.
Human communicate pain verbally and even give it a number on the pain scale but with pets there are several signs of pain signs that they show to let us know that they are in pain some of those signs are as the following,

  • Lowered tail.
  • Squinting.
  • Growling.
  • Whining.
  • Reluctance to move.
  • And more.

Pain tolerance differs from one pet to another same in human, it depends on the breed and size of the pet as well as the source of pain that’s why the pain management medication prescribed for your pet will never be the same for every pet.
So don’t think that your pet will not go through some sort of pain after surgery specially major ones, pain management is very important for their overall health and healing.


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