10% Off Blood Work | Have no fear, no tricks here!

Have no fear, no tricks here!

Have no fear, no tricks here!

10% Off Blood Work

For your pets we hold dear!

Even pets that appear happy and healthy can have hidden medical problems that might grow serious, even life-threatening, if left undetected. Blood tests are essential for identifying diseases at the earliest most treatable stage possible.

Pets can’t tell us when they’re ill – that’s where lab tests like blood analyses come in.

The Importance of Blood Test:

Detection through blood tests helps prevent and treat potentially dangerous illnesses. Sick or senior pets often have more than one disease affecting them, complicating diagnosis and treatment. Blood tests can help pinpoint the problems. Some medications can harm pets with underlying problems like kidney or liver disease. Blood tests can ensure your pet is healthy enough to take the medication. Even in young and healthy pets, lab testing gives us a valuable baseline picture of what represents good health for your individual pet. A recommended part of your pet’s annual exam, blood tests can spot health trends sooner, before they become more serious.


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