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Dog Vaccination

Vaccinations are an excellent tool that owners can use to prevent dangerous illnesses that affect their pets. Dogs that aren’t vaccinated are highly susceptible to a host of serious afflictions, including canine parvovirus, distemper, rabies, and canine hepatitis. That’s why it’s so critical for dog owners to understand what vaccinations are and which ones will be most beneficial for their animals. At Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital, there’s nothing we value more than protecting the health and wellness of you and your pets, so here is some information about vaccinating your dog.

Core Vaccines

  1. Distemper (severe multi-systemic viral disease).
  2. Adenovirus (cross protects against hepatitis–type 1 can cause severe, even fatal, liver disease).
  3. Adenovirus (respiratory disease–type 2 can lead to pneumonia and death).
  4. Parainfluenza (part of the kennel cough complex).
  5. Parvovirus (highly contagious and most often fatal viral disease).


First-year Puppy Vaccinations
06 to 08 weeks [Distemper, measles, parainfluenza] – Optional [Bordetella].
10 to 12 weeks [Distemper, Adenovirus, parainfluenza, and parvovirus] – Optional [Lyme disease].
12 to 24 weeks [Rabies].
14 to 16 weeks [Distemper] – Optional [Coronavirus, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis].
12 to 16 months [Rabies, Distemper].
Every year or two [Distemper].
Every 1 to 3 years Rabies.

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