Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital in Orange, CA | Offer- Coupon | 10% OFF Flea & Tick Prevention | How to protect your pets

The best way to control flea problem is to prevent it from happening.

On our past blogs we wrote some facts about Flea and Ticks facts and how they harm your pet, no pet won’t be affected by fleas without doing any preventives procedures or using medications.

“Fleas and ticks affect your pet’s overall health condition”

At Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital we recommend checking on your pet’s skin and fur frequently making sure they are clean and their skin is healthy, if you find any do not crush or twist the tick from the pet skin mouthparts may remain in the skin and potentially cause skin infection.

“Do not use petroleum based products”

Preventive measures you should consider.

  • Treat your yard with environmental (green Products) against fleas and ticks.
  • Treat your dog house and make sure it is clean.
  • Use pet flea medications recommended by our vet for your pet.
  • Do not stop using the medication because its Winter fleas can survive for 5 days in 10 degrees F.

Depends on your pet’s case and environment we recommend a suitable medication from numerous brands and different types to be used with your pet on regular bases after treating them with a flea bath and in some cases an injection if things have gone bad and out of control your pet might need skin infection or skin allergy medication as well.

“Do not wait until it is too Late”

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