Active Dog with Dumbbells

Active Dog Month

“Active Dog Month

What is the Active Dog Month?

April is Active Dog Month. It is a month devoted to getting out there, enjoying the fresh warm spring air, and getting active, all in the company of your furry best friend. It is a whole month all about enjoying spring and getting active with your furry best friend!

Well, if you do not know about Active Dog Month, that is because it is still pretty new! we are here at Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital to give you some tips to get out there and make April a great month to get active.

The History

Active Dog Month was Created in 2018, Active Dog Month is a pet holiday created to get dog owners motivated to shake off the winter blues and get more active with their dogs. We all get a bit bored after freezing all winter and April makes the perfect month to get out there with the warming temperatures!

It can be tough getting motivated to get physical activity in. If you are looking for a great way to start exercise for you and your dog and bond with your most beloved friend keep reading.

How to Celebrate Active Dog Month?

  • Get involved by spending the month of April getting more active with your dog.
  • Take longer walks, explore new areas, and spend time in the warm sunshine! All you need is a leash to get started.
  • Discover new, creative ideas for logging beneficial activity with your dog.
  • After all, a tired dog is a happy dog! It is not just about physical activity, though.
  • Mental stimulation is a wonderful way to wear out your dog and provide fun interaction for you both. Find some puzzle games to keep your dog’s brain in check or play hide and seek games to boost their senses and keep them interested.
  • Throughout the month, you can also post pictures of you and your dog on social media and hashtag #ActiveDogMonth to tag the holiday and help your friends learn about this awesome holiday!

Active dog month and Surgical Service:

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Active Dog with Dumbbells

Our Pet Surgery Service:

During pet surgery, an affordable veterinarian “Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital” may use anesthesia to help your pet stay comfortable. The specific use of medications depends on the procedure and the potential risks to your pet. We may recommend testing for allergies to ensure your pet’s safety. The exact impact of a procedure depends on the location of the incision and the specific type of surgery.

How to Care for a Pet After Surgery?

Surgery can be a stressful time for humans. When our pets need surgery, it is no different. Much like a human, pets need special post-surgery care. As a pet owner, a good deal of this care will fall into your lap, and it is best to be as prepared as possible if the need arises. Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital for Pets Surgical Services has some advice for owners of pets who need a surgical procedure. Please keep in mind that these are general precautions, and you should always follow your veterinarian’s discharge instructions if there are discrepancies.

Before the Surgery:

Preparing your pet for the procedure varies based on the type of surgery. Generally, here in Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital for Low-cost Pet Surgery; we recommend that you do not feed your pet before the procedure unless a veterinarian recommends a meal. We also suggest you talk to a professional about any medications you give your pet for a medical concern. In some cases, you will not want to give your pet medications before surgery to limit the risk of interactions.

After the Surgery:

After a surgical procedure, allow your pet to rest. Limit physical exercise to allow your pet to heal the wounds associated with surgery. You may also need to give your pet medications to limit the risk of infection. If you notice any unusual odors, pus, or other signs of an infection, then contact us. We may also recommend adjustments to your pet’s diet for a set time period to allow him or her to heal.

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