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Bright, shiny teeth do more than dazzle the camera. They give your pet the best chance at a long, healthy, happy life. Healthy teeth and gums do more than prevent bad breath. A healthy dog or cat, in a lot of ways, starts with a healthy mouth. Left untreated, an unhealthy mouth can be painful for your pet as well as compromise the health of your pet’s heart, liver, and kidneys.

The good news is that all of this can be avoided by proper and routine dental health care. At Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital we offer annual dental cleanings at affordable prices because we believe in the importance of a clean, healthy mouth for your pet.

Our skilled veterinarians and technicians offer a broad range of comprehensive veterinary dental services, from routine cleanings and polishing to extractions.

We will also work with you to provide guidance and advice on home dental health care techniques and options that you can use between vet visits to keep your pet’s mouth healthy and clean.